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Our Address: 1610 29th Avenue Place, Greeley CO 80634

(2-story red brick building at the corner of 16th St & 29th Avenue Place, next to Centennial Healthcare Center)

Phone: 970-356-2600

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Patients can be seen by appointment Monday through Friday.


Monday-Friday: 9am-noon and 1:30-5pm
1st Wednesday of every month: 9am-noon and 1:30-6pm
Saturday: the Pediatrician on call is available from 10am-noon
Call the office (970-356-2600) to be directed to the on-call pediatrician.

You can call anytime after 8:30am and during the normal hours of operation to talk with us directly.

We share call with other Pediatricians in Greeley. Also, we pay for a service to the Children’s Hospital in Denver to help you with questions after closing the office.

Please call the office first, anytime day or night if you need advice.

In Case of a Pediatric Emergency

If you have a concern that cannot sensibly wait till the morning (calling us is your BEST option) then call the office; you’ll be directed to the answering service. They will take your information and fax it to Children’s Hospital in Denver. You should get a call back in 30-45 minutes.

IF you do not get that callback, please call again to send them a reminder.

If the specialized nurses at Children’s Hospital cannot resolve your concern, a skilled Pediatrician is available 24/7.

Please don’t become impatient and run to the Emergency Room or some “doc-in-the-box” outfit where you will NOT get a qualified pediatrician to help you.

Do not go to some other doctor for treatments without a referral because if we do not have that information you may set us up to make a mistake due to a false impression that all the required, correct information in our medical files.

DO NOT sacrifice quality and expertise for a brief moment of assumed convenience.

You have access to the highest quality care. Use it!