1610 29th Ave Place
Suite 101
Greeley, CO 80634

Where your children's health comes first.

Welcome to The Children's Health Place 

Where your children's health comes first.

1610 29th Avenue Place, Suite101
Greeley CO 80634

(2-story red brick building at the corner of 16th St & 29th Avenue Place, next to Centennial Healthcare Center)

The BEST way to get the best medical attention for healthy and ill children is with a Pediatrician. No one else has the extensive training in both NORMAL and Abnormal conditions. Every visit to a Pediatrician should be a learning experience to help make you a better parent. Parents are just as important as our staff in attending to your child's and family's needs.

Dr. Orest Dubynsky has been in private practice since 1978. He has pretty much seen it all. Having raised his own two boys, and listened to parents for so many years, adding in the “book learnin'” for so long, you know you can count on getting the kind of specific advice you need to deal with your children.

The Children’s Health Place in Greeley, Colorado offers pediatric healthcare in a cheerful and relaxed environment.  As a certified Medical Home you know you will get that old fashioned personal relationship with your doctor in a modern, trend setting practice. Our entire staff and Parent Advisory Council combine to provide your child with ...

The winner of the temporal artery thermometer from the Northern Colorado Children's Fair last month is Christina Roberts pictured with her daughter, Anastasia Grimaldo