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Circumcision Information

Medicaid of Colorado Changes Circumcision Policy
As of July, 1 2011, Medicaid of Colorado NO LONGER PAYS for circumcisions.They decided (citing financial concerns only) that this is not a necessary procedure. NO medical reason was given for this change.

I have NO information about this change from other insurers. Please check with your insurance agent, as we don’t usually get such information on a routine basis.

The medical literature has endless articles about circumcisions. Just looking at the numbers, those suggesting there is value to circumcisions hold a slight edge.

A circumcision is considered an elective and cosmetic procedure by most physicians and investigators. The vast majority of the rest of the world does not circumcise, except for religious practices, which also include female circumcisions.

My position has been that this should be a parent’s choice. The argument now boils down to the issue of whether “tax dollars” or personal funds should pay for this procedure.

What does the Colorado Medicaid Circumcision Policy change mean to you?

What does this mean for you?

If you want your child to be circumcised, you will have to pay for this procedure. I do have a policy for discounting all my fees for those families who meet the national poverty scales as related to household  incomes.

To determine if you qualify, please contact Julie at The Children’s Health Place: 970-356-2600.

My charge for circumcisions has been $345 for many years.

I reduced this to $150, to ease this transition for those on Medicaid who wish to circumcise their child.

I regret the inconvenience and additional financial burden this might cause any of you. As usual, our choices are “influenced” by governmental involvement. Some good, some bad, but we are forced to adapt and change.