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Those of you who registered in the Patient Portal previously will have to do it again. Since we joined The Children's Hospital record system ( called EPIC) we will be using their system for patient access to their records on line. It is called MyChart and with a bit of computer savvy patients and families will be able to see their medical information on their own computers at home.

I cannot emphasize the importance of coming early to your appointments. I know, doctors have a reputation for running late. Even I do that sometimes. Almost always it is because patients arrive late, take time to fill out the paperwork and then don't get into a room till 20-30 minutes after their appointed time. 

New patients need to arrive 20 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment; established patients need to be on site at least 15 minutes early. When you arrive late, then have to fill out forms I won’t get to see you for 30-40 minutes after your scheduled time.That is unfair to the rest of the people scheduled after your appointment because they have to be pushed back. That is very unfair to those who arrive on time. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your appointment you risk not being seen. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you are not likely to be seen. I will always try to fit you in as best I can, but not at the expense of someone who came on time. I also need to remind you that three no-shows in a 12 month period will result in our separation. A late appointment is considered a missed appointment. I really have to ask your cooperation because your time is as valuable as mine and I’m sure you don’t want to wait while I attend to a patient who did not make the effort to arrive on time and respect other peoples valuable time.

As you know, I really like spending time with your children; having to hurry through a visit because someone before you encroached on your special time with me is not what you or I expect from The Children’s Health Place.

​As you well know, we must not only do a careful examination of our patients, but also to carefully document a lot of other important information. All too often, when we try to call a family, the phone on recird is incorrect or disconnected, yet that family was in the office recently and “verified” their information. We also must have accurate insurance information so we can take care of that for you correctly. Please do not get upset when we ask for confirmation of everything each time you visit because it is MANDATORY to do so. I don’t understand why some people are upset since this process is required in every professional office.

Patient Registration