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What is the regular schedule for pediatric visits?

For the best child care, the Academy of Pediatrics has a recommended schedule of regular visits and check ups. Here is a brief rundown on each visits and what it will cover under normal circumstances.

No other physician comes close to this kind of training. Not only are we trained extensively in childhood illnesses, but even more detailed training is given to Pediatricians to study all aspects of NORMAL child development and behavior.

We start at birth!
We like to see newborns (Yes, we really do!!—so tell your friends) a day or two after discharge. This is to get the baby weighed on our scales, check jaundice and make sure the parents don’t have any questions since discharge from the hospital. Sometimes you get out so fast you barely have a chance to think of all the things you want to ask.

We recommend a bringing a list of questions to every visit. Consider starting your list of questions after you get home from the previous visit. Just keep a running list of questions as you think of them.

Two Week Pediatric Visit

This gives you a chance to spend some time together, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. This also is a convenient time frame so that bad habits don’t become entrenched. Bring a list! This is a lengthy visit and we cover a lot of topics.

Two, Four & Six Month Pediatric Visits

These are the visits associated with immunizations. Careful measurements are taken and developmental assessment is done and guidance is given on many important topics. We do not recommend feeding your baby any solids till the six month visit.

Nine Month Pediatric Visit

Only a blood test for anemia is done at this visit, as well as the careful measurements, developmental screening and guidance done.

Twelve Month Pediatric Visit

This is another long one as we discuss the common behavior problem you will be experiencing with your children. Four immunizations are usually given. Medicaid requires a lead screening be done on all their participants.

Fifteen Month Pediatric Visit

Usually two immunizations are given at this visit, and the usual measurements and new topics to discuss.

Eighteen Month Pediatric Visit

Usually only one immunization is due.

Two, Three, Four and Five Year Pediatric Visits

After the two year visit, we see children on a yearly basis. On this schedule, as recommended by the Academy of Pediatrics, we are usually able to discover about 90% of all childhood problems or developmental delays.

After that, most children are seen every year or two depending on school athletic forms, etc. Please get those athletic exams here, where we know your child, and have a track record of their issues. Such exams done elsewhere are usually very minimal and incomplete.