Dr. Dahlia Pease graduated from the University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kansas City in 2002.  She finished her pediatrics residency in Peoria, Illinois at the Children's Hospital of Illinois in 2005.  Dr. Pease is board certified in Pediatrics and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Her clinical interests include newborn care and breastfeeding support, asthma, child development and she especially loves getting to know patients and their family.

Her love for pediatrics has grown over the years and she thrives on spending quality time during each visit with her patients making sure she listens to their concerns.  

 Dr. Pease is originally from New Jersey and graduated from Douglass College at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  She and her family have lived in various states including Nebraska and New Hampshire. They most recently moved to Fort Collins from Falmouth, Maine, and plan to make Colorado their final destination.  Dr. Pease enjoys photography, interior decorating, and gardening but mostly she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 sons.

As a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Colorado, I am delighted to provide my services to families and youth through The Children’s Health Place. I have had the pleasure of working with children and their families for over 30 years. My professional career has included 10 years as an elementary classroom teacher and over 20 years as a school psychologist. During my years as a school psychologist, I had the opportunity to serve children and young adults between the ages of 3 to 21. Additionally, I have taught graduate courses in psychological assessment at the University of Northern Colorado and conducted evaluations for young adults through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and disability access centers at our local colleges. These experiences have helped me to understand the resources we have available in Weld County.

When we meet, I will listen to the goals you have for our time together and "your child’s story". With this information, we will form a plan to address the needs you’ve identified. It is my intent that we complete this plan in a timely manner. You may always return if there are further issues! However, I believe in coaching families and children to learn new skills and giving them time to practice. If you choose, I will gladly work with your child’s school personnel or physician to help meet the goals.

Outside of my office, I enjoy biking, gardening, walking my dogs, or trying out new recipes on my family and friends.

Cyndi Desormeaux, P.A.-C.

Physician Assistant



Cyndi Desormeaux, PA has been with this practice for nearly 10 years and also has great skill and advice to share. Cyndi is a Physician’s Assistant with a sub specialty in children. She is very well trained, having attended Purdue University then moving to Colorado and graduating from CSU with a degree in biological sciences.

In 2002 she got her degree from the University of Colorado School of Medicine as a Physician Assistant with specialization in Children (PA-C) Children’s Health Place is lucky to have such a highly qualified person to help me take care of your children. She’s even a Bronco fan and still roots for Purdue basketball.

We routinely strategise about the best treatment plans for your children to make sure that no important medical decision is made without appropriate consultation. You can always count on very compassionate and expert care from Cyndi. No one spends more time explaining medical issues better than she.



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Orest Dubynsky, M.D.

Medical Director


I’d like you to know something about me. I was raised in Chicago where I went to grammar school, high school, and two years of Pre-Med. After graduation from high school my father and I went on a trip to Europe and, while repairing our car (1957 VW) in Madrid, Spain, we ran into some Ukrainian boys. We were rather surprised to hear our native language (my ethnic origin is Ukrainian) spoken in Spain and so we approached them and started a conversation. They were there studying medicine because the tuition was very affordable.

The cost of living in those days was also dramatically less than in the United States. As you all know the cost of a medical education is extremely high, so after some deliberation and discussion with the family I decided to go to Spain to study medicine there. I’d been accepted to Pre-Med at Loyola University of Chicago and began attending classes while the discussions and paperwork were in progress. After being accepted to medical school in Spain I finished my second year at Loyola, packed my bags and off I went.

I didn’t speak a word of Spanish at the time but I was ready for a great new adventure. I learned medicine, a new culture and a new language. Upon graduation I returned to the United States where I spent a year and with a brilliant allergist in Cincinnati (I. Leonard Bernstein, M.D.) and then three years in a Pediatric Residency at Hershey, Pennsylvania. What a wonderful place for a chocoholic to go!

When I finished my training, I moved to Elkhart, Indiana in 1978. Initially I was employed at a multi-specialty clinic but then joined two other pediatricians to establish our own pediatric clinic, Bristol Street Pediatrics. That was (and still is) a very successful venture. I practiced in Elkhart for 15 years, before moving to Greeley, Colorado.

In addition to private practice I’m also affiliated with the University of Colorado, Rocky Vista University and Caribbean Medical schools (Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics) at those universities. Much of the time, I have medical students from these schools receiving training and education in my office.

When I was about eight years old the family took a vacation trip to Colorado. I went absolutely bonkers for the mountains, and had always hoped to return to Colorado to be near those beautiful Rockies. As things turned out it would be a long time before I would have a chance to return.

I moved to Greeley in 1993 and have continued my love for the mountains in a very personal manner. Whenever I can, I go skiing, snowshoeing, rock climbing, fishing and hiking in the mountains. Every summer I strap on my big backpack and go live in the mountains for several days at a time.

I have always been somewhat of a maverick. I have always believed that there’s more than one way to skin a cat and that new ideas should always be carefully considered.

I also believe that nobody has ever goes to their grave lamenting that they did too much with their life. It saddens me to see some of my colleagues getting burned out. I find that hard to understand because every day that I get up I’m delighted to have the chance to go to my office and play with children.

I really do spend my day smiling and laughing!

I am married and also get up every morning delighted to be that way. I’ve raised two of my own boys who are gainfully employed and on their own. Much to my joy, they both have complimented me on more than one occasion on how I raised them. (Honest!!)

When it comes to medicines, I have a guiding principle: Only if there is a compelling reason to put drugs into a child will I do that.

I will always listen to parents (not necessarily agree!) and expect you to learn something from me every time you come to The Children’s Health Place.

There are many reasons why I’ve decided to host this website. I’m excited about the prospect of this new challenge that most of all I hope to share my knowledge and expertise with more people than I can in my private practice. When I wish to flatter myself I consider myself more teacher than a healer and that is what I hope to do with my website. Won’t you join me? Your insights are as important as mine in making The Children’s Health Place so special.

Abe Herrera, L.P.N. M.S.

Practice Manager


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